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Rebound offers substance abuse treatment education and therapy for a variety of ages, situations, and lifestyles.

TEAM Wellness & Prevention is a licensed Substance Use Disorder Treatment Provider through the Colorado Department of Human Services: Office of Behavioral Health.  


Because Everyone Deserves A Fresh Start

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TEAM's Teen Rebound Program provides education and treatment support for adolescents and their families for substance use, abuse,and dependency. Teen Rebound is an outpatient program administered by a Certified Addictions Counselor. Teen Rebound is designed to provide education and treatment to youth who are experimenting with substance use and are beginning to suffer consequences as a result of their use. As with all of our Rebound programs, we strive to help you bounce back in a healthy direction!

TEAM's Teen Rebound program incorporated the Alternatives Youth Diversion Education Program, Alternatives is a 40-page Interactive Journal, that offers a fresh approach to youth education and intervention. It is designed to provide facts, tools and support for those under 21 years of age who have been arrested or have had consequences as a result of alcohol and other drug-related violations. Individuals learn strategies for taking personal responsibility and making positive, long-lasting behavior changes that will lead to better choices in the future.

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DUI/Impaired Driving

Rebound offers license and certified court ordered DUI education and therapy programs resulting from a driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while ability impaired or driving under the influence of drugs adjudication.


DUI/Impaired Driving Education

Level 1 Education

Level 1 Education is a required education program for minors who lost their license for one year due to first DUI, DWAI, or BAC conviction of 0.02 or more (when 21 and under).  


  • Complete all Assessment and Intake paperwork

  • 12 hours of in-person education or 6 two-hour sessions

Level 2 Education

Level 2 Education program incorporates a group of clients learning about a series of required topics in a psycho-educational format. Clients are encouraged to learn and apply these topics into their own circumstances.


  • Complete all Assessment and Intake paperwork

  • 24 hours of in-person education or 12 two-hour sessions (one per week)

  • Level 2 Education must be completed BEFORE Level 2 Therapy

DUI/ Impaired Driving Therapy

Level 2 Therapy

Level 2 Therapy program is designed to apply information learned in the Level 2 Education and client’s feelings about the information to their own circumstances. t utilizes a psycho-therapeutic presentation style with topics presented by the counselor (i.e. substance use behaviors,family and other relationships, feelings, coping skills, and more). n partnership with the counselor, these topics are then discussed and engaged in by the clients.   


  • Complete all Assessment and Intake paperwork

  • Complete Level 2 Education BEFORE starting Level 2 Therapy

  • Attend 1 two-hour group session per week

  • The length of each client's treatment is dependent on their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) at the time of the charge and any priors.

  • The following Treatment Matrix is followed to determine each Level 2 Therapy client's track

Interlock Enhancement Counseling

Changing the way you drive

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Rebound offers Interlock Enhancement Counseling for those convicted of a DUI and are required to drive with an Interlock Device. This program provides support for Level II Education and Therapy on Track A, B, C or D, for those at risk of losing their driving privileges. Once the interlock device is installed, the IEC Program can provide up to 10-hours of individual and group sessions. This program is developed as a tool and motivation for responsible driving including thinking about the way you drive. This program may be used in conjunction with DUI Education and Therapy or as a part of the overall treatment program.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP serves clients who need extra community supports and assistance in order to succeed.  It is a closed group of client attending these special sessions together, which helps create a cohesive treatment relationship between clients and with the counselor. 


  • Complete all Assessment and Intake paperwork

  • Attend 3-hour closed group sessions, 3 times per week for 4 weeks


Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP)

After completion of the IOP or before considering IOP, many clients complete an EOP.  ssentially, EOP clients attend two L2 Therapy groups per week (instead of the usual one per week), which helps these clients continue to develop community supports.  


  • Complete all Assessment and Intake paperwork

  • Attend 2-hour group sessions, 2 times per week for 4 weeks.

 Family Rebound


Encouraging YOur Teen To Drink alcohol is not Preparing them College. It is risking their mental health. (1).png

Family Rebound by Team Wellness and Prevention understands the hardships following substance use and substance use disorders. We understand past and current behaviors and our goal is to provide a healthier future as well as support for family unit.

Education and treatment are available for the families of adolescents and young adults who are faced with substance use behaviors.

Family Rebound is designed to provide insight to families concerning adolescent and young adult drug use, current behaviors, and risks for future behaviors. 

Support begins with understanding. Family Rebound encourages a healthy family unit while providing skills and education on recognizing "Red Flags".

 Sober & Searching

Live A Life of Sobriety


The Rebound Sober and Searching program is designed for those looking for self-help to encourage sober living and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This program provides individuals with a continuously available resource to avoid the long-term consequences of relapse.

Rebound Sober and Searching presents treatment in a group setting or an individual setting, run by Certified Addiction Counselors and Licensed Addiction Counselors.

Our counselors understand the cycles of sobriety as well as the favorable long-term outcome of abstinence. Individuals are encouraged to focus on long- and short-term goals and coping skills to utilize throughout recovery.